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Micah Supported Living (MSL) is an initiative of Barking Churches Unite established in partnership with Green Pastures, a national charity whose sole aim is to house the homeless and disadvantaged of society, while supporting them to re-establish themselves back into mainstream community.


MSL shares these values and through strong partnership with LBBD council aims to alleviate homelessness within the Borough of Barking and Dagenham.


Support will include help with seeking employment, budgeting, general household skills and wellbeing given by trained volunteers. Resident’s will also be offered Bible study, church attendance and prayer support should they so wish.


Our aim is to enable residents to move from the hopelessness of having no home of their own to a situation where they can re-enter the community in their own accommodation.

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Bill Dear
Project Manager
Anne Dear
Project Manager

For more information contact:

Working in collaboration with Green Pastures
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