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Written by Liz Mednick, BCU Trustee and Secretary,

Jesus in Town is the story of how local churches partnered to bring Jesus to their community.


Jesus in Town is a book about Barking Churches Unite and The Source and the journey it has taken

This is the remarkable story of what happened when the churches of Barking and Dagenham were inspired to come together to serve their borough. Fuelled by prayer, and committed to overcoming the challenges of collective work, they found amazing doors open for vital community ministry and fruitful partnerships with the civic and business worlds. From a ‘kidz klub’ and music academy to a shopping centre facility and night shelter, Jesus was soon coming to town in new and powerful ways!

Alongside their inspirational story, Jesus in Town contains practical tips, rich resources and original ideas for working together and bringing Jesus to any community. The unity movement in Barking and Dagenham began with one person’s vision but quickly became a shared venture – with a commitment to prayer and willingness to partner, what might God do in your town?

Let this book inspire you in your own faith of what God can do when prayer, unity and love is at the centre.


Rev Roger Sutton

Director of Gather

“This book very helpfully underlines the key tenets of the growing city transformation movement around the world. This is a passionate call to the unity of the body of Christ, underlined by sustained prayer that results in effective strategic incarnational mission. This story of God's activity in Barking is being replicated Dallas, Mombi, Berlin, Sunderland, Pretoria and many other cities around the world. God is working for social cutural, and spiritual kingdom transformation of all cities and places. Get his book and catch the vision and be part of this extraordinary move of God.”

Ian Mayer

Author and entreprenur working with community leaders for social transformation

'This book is a powerful challenge to put Christian unity into action. It embraces all that is great about churches praying and working together, but it goes much further- it pushes Christians beyond their church-shaped boxes and out into their communities where they truly belong and where they can bring hope. In this book, Elizabeth & Mick not only show their passion for unity, they also show that unity should always have purpose, reaching out and bringing change.  Packed with practical suggestions, I highly recommend this book for all unity movements who want to see real, sustainable change in their places.'


Dr Jonathan Oloyede

National Day of Prayer UK

'A new era has come for the church and it is the age of the kingdom of God. In this epoch, Christians will move beyond the walls of church buildings into local communities  homes, and relevant spheres in society. As true salt and light we are the spice and seasoning for the world to "taste and see that God is good"! This is the spirit of this fantastic book written by Liz with such humility, vulnerability and clarity. May its content change the way many believers engage more widely with the world, in the true love and spirit of Jesus.'


Special reduced price and signed copies (£6 plus postage) available from

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